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Choosing Paint Colours: Top Tips

Choosing the right paint colour can be a daunting task. Here are some top tips to help you pick the perfect hue for your home.

Consider the Mood

Do you want a room that says "relax and unwind" or one that screams "party time"? Soft, cool colours like blues and greens create a calming effect, while warm colours like reds and yellows energise and excite.

Test Samples

Never judge a paint by its swatch. Paint small sections of your walls and observe how the colour looks at different times of the day. This helps ensure you love the colour in all lighting conditions.

Harmonise with Existing Décor

Unless you’re planning a complete overhaul, choose colours that complement your existing furniture, fixtures, and flooring. Consider the undertones in your home’s permanent elements to create a harmonious look.

yellow chair in design home

Use Colour Theory

Understanding colour theory can save you from a clash disaster. Complementary colours create a vibrant look, while analogous colours offer a more serene and cohesive appearance.

colour theory wheel graphic

Professional Consultation

When in doubt, ask the pros. The experienced team at Constructive Painting & Deco can provide valuable insights and help you achieve the perfect colour scheme for your home.

Remember, the right colour can transform your space from drab to fab, so take your time and have fun with it!

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