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Top 3 Techniques for Textured Walls

Adding texture to your walls can transform any room from bland to beautiful. Here are the top three techniques to create stunning textured finishes:

Knockdown Texture

Think of this as the "cool kid" of wall textures. Knockdown texture involves applying joint compound and then "knocking it down" with a trowel for a smooth, marbled effect. It’s perfect for hiding imperfections and adding depth without being overwhelming.

Orange Peel Texture

If you want something that’s both fun and functional, go for an orange peel texture. This technique creates a subtle, bumpy finish reminiscent of an orange peel. It's easy to apply with a hopper gun and adds a modern touch to any room.

Types of plater finish on walls

Venetian Plaster

For a touch of luxury, Venetian plaster is the way to go. This technique uses multiple layers of tinted plaster, polished to a smooth, marble-like finish. It's sophisticated and timeless, perfect for making a statement.

Venetian plaster in progress
The team adding that final textured finish!

Each of these techniques can bring your walls to life, adding character and charm. If you're feeling adventurous, give them a try or contact the professional painters in Perth at Constructive Painting & Deco for a flawless finish.

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